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WHEREAS The Triangle Putters organization of women in the Triangle area was organized in
December, 1993, as Lady Golfers, for the purpose of providing a network of golfing women, and
WHEREAS this group of golfing women has continued to pursue the game of golf, to obtain
golf lessons, to play recreational golf, and to play in golf tournaments both individually and as
teams; and
WHEREAS we wish to continue this fellowship and recreational activity as an organization,
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that  Triangle Putters will be governed by the following


Article I – Name
This organization shall be known as Triangle Putters.

Article II – Purpose
The purpose of this social organization shall be to coordinate efforts of its members to learn
the game of golf, to improve their golfing skills, to participate in enjoyable golf activities, and
to provide a network of female golfers in the Triangle area.

Article III – Membership
Membership in this organization shall be open to any adult female (at least 18 years old) in
the Triangle area of North Carolina.  Although general membership will be limited to persons
residing in Durham, Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, and surrounding areas in North
Carolina, persons residing in more distant areas may acquire associate membership in the
organization upon approval of the membership and payment of dues.

Article IV – Officers
Each officer will serve a term of two (2) years.  Except for Treasurer, an officer may succeed
herself for one additional term not to exceed two (2) terms or four (4) years.  The Treasurer
may serve more than two consecutive terms.  In the event an officer is unable to complete her
term of office, the unexpired term for that office will be filled immediately by a vote of
members present at the next meeting of the organization.  An officer elected to complete an
unexpired term will still be eligible for election to that office for two complete additional terms.  
In such case, the officer may serve no more than 5 ½ years in that office.  

Article VI -Election of Officers
Officers will be elected every two years by a majority vote of the quorum members present at
the annual meeting. (See Article VII for quorum)  A Nominating Committee will be appointed
by the President at least three months prior to the election meeting.  The Nominating
Committee will present a proposed slate of officers at the election meeting.  Nominations may
be submitted from the floor, after which the vote of the membership will elect the new officers.

Article VII -Meetings
Meetings of Triangle Putters will be held quarterly in December, March, June, and
September. The December meeting shall be considered the Annual Meeting. The President
may call Special Meetings as needed upon the approval of the other officers.  Forty-percent
(40%) of the active membership will comprise a quorum.

Article VIII -Dues
Dues for general membership shall be $30, paid annually, and due at the Annual Meeting.
Money collected from dues shall be used for mailing expenses and to cover costs of other
activities of the organization which benefit the general membership.  Dues for associate
membership will be $15 per year payable at the Annual Meeting.  Dues collected from
associate members will cover the cost of periodic mailings and selected activities conducive
to participation of distant members.  Active members will be defined as those whose dues are

Article IX -Committees
The Standing Committees of this organization will be Activities Committee, Benevolence
Committee, Bylaws/Procedures Committee, Education Committee, Membership Committee
and Social Committee. Members of the Committees will be appointed by the President to
serve staggering two-year terms.  Initially, one-half of the committee members will be
appointed to one-year terms to establish the "staggering" terms; thereafter, appointments will
be made for two-year terms. There will be no limit to the number of times a committee
member may be reappointed.  Other Ad Hoc Committees may be appointed by the President
as the need arises.

Article X -Amendments
These bylaws may be amended at any time by a majority vote of active members attending a
regular meeting at which a quorum is present, provided notice of the proposed amendment
has been given to the membership at least thirty days prior to the scheduled vote.

   Adopted this
    15th   day of     December  ,  2001
   Davesene W. Lawson                         

   Recording Secretary       Rosa W. Small                                   

To carry out the Mission of Triangle Putters, we will establish the following goals:

1.   Provide opportunities for on-going golf lessons for our members to learn the basics of the
2.   Provide a network of golfers for tournament and/or regular play.
3.   Provide opportunities for members to have regularly scheduled group play during the golf
4.   Provide on-going education on golf etiquette, rules, and appropriate dress for members.

In order to achieve our organizational goals, we will be guided by the following operating

I. Members who wish to do so will seek their own individual golf lessons. Triangle Putters will
   schedule annual group clinics for other members. Members will pay for their participation in
   the clinics.
2. A directory of all members including addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers,        
    and times members are available to play golf will be provided to each member annually.
3. Provisions will be made for the group to play weekly at a designated course during the golf
    season.  Members will be responsible for paying for their participation.
4. Members will be provided with education on golf etiquette, rules of the game, and                
    appropriate golfing attire at each meeting and in periodic mailings to the group.


President -The President will perform the following duties:
1. Preside at all meetings when possible.
2. Enlist the Vice President to preside if the President cannot attend a meeting.
3. Call special meetings when necessary .
4. Oversee the operations of the organization.
5. Appoint Committees as appropriate.
6. Receive and review periodic reports from committee chairs and other officers.
7. Serve as official representative for the organization.

Vice President -The Vice President will perform the following duties:
1. Preside at meetings in the absence of the President.
2. Represent the organization at the request of the President.
3. Assist the President as needed.
4. Assist with the preparation of the newsletter.

Recording Secretary -The Recording Secretary will perform the following duties:
1. Record, type, and maintain minutes of all meetings when possible.
2. Enlist the Assistant Recording Secretary to record minutes when the Recording Secretary  
    cannot attend a meeting.
3. Distribute copies of minutes to the membership not later than two weeks after a meeting.
4. Record the attendance and/or absence of members at meetings. (This record may be a      
    part of the minutes.)

Assistant Recording Secretary -The Assistant Recording Secretary will perform the
following duties:
 Record and type the minutes when the Recording Secretary cannot attend a meeting.
Distribute the minutes to the membership not later than two weeks after a meeting for
   which she has recorded the minutes.
3. Assure that the Recording Secretary has an official copy of the minutes the Assistant          
    Recording Secretary has recorded and typed.
4. Record the attendance and/or absence of members at the meetings when she records the  
    minutes. (This record may be a part of the minutes.)
5. Assist the Recording Secretary as needed.
6. Assist with the preparation of the newsletter.

Corresponding Secretary -The Corresponding Secretary will perform the following duties:
1. Prepare and distribute letters for the organization when necessary .These letters may be    
    prepared for the signature of the President, other officers, or the Corresponding Secretary  
    as appropriate for the particular situation. The President will determine the appropriate       
2. Prepare and distribute a periodic newsletter.  Information for the newsletter will be               
    furnished by the president, other officers, committees, and members. The Corresponding    
    Secretary may be assisted with this duty by the Vice President and the Assistant                 
    Recording Secretary.

Treasurer -The Treasurer will perform the following duties:
1. Receive, record, and deposit all monies including membership dues.
2. Maintain an accurate record of all income and expenditures as well as the current bank       
3. Verify the accuracy and validity of all expenditures and disburse funds as appropriate.
4. Write all checks. Checks should be signed by the President and the Treasurer except
  that checks may be signed by the Treasurer alone if a voucher signed by the President is    
   maintained in the records; and checks may also be signed by the President alone if a           
   voucher signed by the Treasurer is maintained in the records.
5. Provide written quarterly reports of the financial records at each regular meeting.
  These reports should be distributed to all members present at the meetings where the         
   reports are made.

Historian -The Historian will perform the following duties:
1. Maintain an on-going written documentation of the history and activities of the                     
2. Maintain a scrapbook of activities of the organization including pictures, etc.
3. Make the scrapbook and written document available for review at the annual meeting of      
    the organization.

Activities Committee -The Activities Committee will perform the following duties:
1. Plan and organize golf activities for the organization, including golf outings, and the weekly
    group play during the golf season.
2. Plan at least one tournament per year for the organization and guests. This is not to be a    
    fund-raising activity, but a fun tournament for members and guests. The cost to                   
    participants will be determined to cover the cost of the activity only.

Benevolence Committee -The Benevolence Committee will perform the following duties:
1. Send Get-Well, Congratulations, and Condolence messages to members when                   
2. Make an oral report to the membership at the regular meetings.

Bylaws/Procedures Committee -The Bylaws/Procedures Committee will perform the
following duties:
1. Review the Bylaws and Procedures periodically to assure that these documents are            
    adequate for the current operations of the organization.
2. Receive and present to the membership recommendations for amendments to these           
    documents when necessary .
3. Maintain the official copies of these documents.
4. Distribute copies of these documents to all members after amendments have been made    
    and to new members of the organization upon payment of their initial dues.  

Education Committee -The Education Committee will perform the following duties:
1. Present an educational session at each regular meeting covering golf etiquette, golf rules,  
    and/or appropriate golf attire. These sessions may be conducted by invited guests,             
    Committee members, or other members as invited by the Committee.  The sessions should
    not exceed 30 minutes at any given meeting.
2. Distribute handouts to members listing points covered during the presentations.

Membership Committee -The Membership Committee will perform the following duties:
I. Keep an accurate record of membership in the organization, including current addresses,     
   telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.
2. Update the Membership Directory annually and distribute copies to the membership at the  
    annual meeting.
3. Plan strategies for recruiting and retaining members including members of diverse groups.

Social Committee -The Social Committee will perform the following duties:
I. Plan, organize, and oversee the refreshments for quarterly meetings.  Recruit help from       
   other members as needed.
2. Plan, organize, and oversee seasonal refreshments and decorations for the annual             
    meeting.  Recruit help from other members as needed.

This document may be amended as needed by a majority vote of the members
present at a regular meeting attended by a quorum of the membership.
December 15, 2001

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