The meeting was called to order by Rosa Small.  The opening meditation and prayer were given by Alice

Introductions were made by all current members in attendance as well as two visitors.  Members present
were Davesene Lawson, Alice Hughley, Betty Reed, Sandra Shuler, Rosa Small, Gloria Burton, Deborah
Fortune, Olive Hopson, Sonia Steele, and Bettie Davis.  New Members joining us at this meeting were
Sherron Paris and Bobbie Brown.  After the introductions, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast catered by the
NCCU cafeteria.

We sang Silent Night led by Gloria Burton.  The minutes from the last meeting were not available.

Davesene passed out the Treasurer’s Report.  The previous balance was $1,300.00; Income from the Fall
Outing and Dues Collected equaled $335.00; Expenses for the Fall Outing, Reimbursement for the Website,
and Condolences equaled $647.33, leaving a current balance of $988.22.  Membership dues for next year
and payment for the breakfast were collected.

Committee Reports

       Benevolence Report by Davesene – Condolences were sent to Leola Jenkins for the loss of her
husband and mother and to Rosa Small for the loss of her mother-in-law.  She also reported that the Putters
received Thank You cards from the recipients.

       Membership Committee – Davesene recognized the two visitors who joined at the Meeting – Sherron
Paris and Bobbie Brown.

Social Committee – Rosa reported that the records outlining each member’s participation for the year have
been misplaced.  She passed out a sheet outlining the Putter’s Activities for 2009 and requested that each
member annotate the list with the activities in which they participated.   She also gave Highlights of the
tournaments in which the Putters participated.    “Outstanding Golfer” certificates were presented to all the
Triangle Putters.  Deborah gave a report of the Fall Outing at Whispering Pines, NC.  She will try to arrange
a new date for us to return since we were unable to finish the round because of rain.  Rain checks were
given to participants.  Alice reported that she hopes to invite the Putters back to the Golfing for the Cure
Tournament at Brier Creek next year.  She did not participate this year due to a conflict.  The social
committee also provided refreshments for all meetings this year.

Education Committee – Gloria led us in a game earlier in the meeting that was enjoyed by all.

       Activities Committee – Gifts for the Putters were passed out and Recycled Gifts were exchanged.

Old Business - There was no old business to discuss.

New Business – Bettie Davis presented the Nominating Committee’s (Bettie and Deborah) proposed slate of
new officers.  

PRESIDENT                                                             DEBORAH FORTUNE
VICE PRESIDENT                                                    NAOMI KERR-SMITH
RECORDING SECRETARY                                      BETTIE DAVIS
TREASURER and  HISTORIAN                                DAVESENE LAWSON

A motion was made to accept the slate of officers; it was seconded by Gloria, and  unanimously approved.

Sonia informed us that next year’s meeting dates were on the Agenda.  The dates are as follows:   March
27,  June 26,  September 24,  and  December 4, 2010.  

Rosa thanked Sonia for her service as President for the last  two terms and presented her with a gift.

The new president, Deborah Fortune, took over the meeting.  She requested that we purchase a coffee
pot.  Davesene made the motion that we authorize the president to purchase a coffee pot for our club;
Bettie Davis seconded the motion, and the members voted unanimous approval.   Deborah will purchase
the coffee pot and give the receipt to the treasurer for reimbursement.  The committees will remain the
same except, Betty Reed will be on the Membership Committee and Olive will be on the Social Committee.

The meeting was adjourned.

                                                                               Respectfully submitted,

                                                                               Bettie Davis, Recording Secretary

The quarterly meeting of Triangle Putters was held on June 28, 2008, in Conference Room 149 of the Miller-
Morgan Building on the NCCU campus.

The following members were present:  Sonia Steele (Presiding), Deborah Fortune, Davesene Lawson, Alice
Hughley, Olive Hopson, and Bobbie Reddick.

The meeting was called to order by President Sonia Steele.

Meditation was given by Alice Hughley.

Minutes were read and approved with minor spelling corrections.

Treasurer’s Report – Davesene Lawson – a written report was submitted.  There was a beginning balance of
$1000.30.  Total dues collected March 29, 2008 $85.00 and through PayPal Account $30.00 for a total of
$115.00.  Expenses N. C. Mutual Aramark $177.42, Paypal charge $1.17 and condolence of $25.00 to Gloria
Burton on the death of her brother for a total of  $203.59.  Balance at of June 28, 2008 is $911.71.  

B. Reddick stated that members need a reminder when dues are due.  Davesene Lawson stated that, as
chair of the membership committee, she has been considering preparing membership cards with dated
stickers so that members will have a record to remind them that they are current.  However, the consensus
was that members still need a reminder.  Davesene agreed to follow through with this suggestion.

Committee Reports:

Activities Committee – A written report was submitted by Rosa Small to President, Sonia Steele.  The
president discussed participating in the John Avery Golf fore Kids Tournament.  A. Hughley questioned
participating in a tournament that did not have a womens’ flight.  Sonia had discussed this with organizers
of the tournament but had not heard back from them.  She will contact them again and let us know.   It was
suggested that members who wanted to participate in the tournament should participate; however,
members would have to pay their on registration fee.

Fall outing will be September 26, 2008, at Bull’s Creek.  Members present agreed that we would like to play
at Bulls’ Creek again, and also have lunch as before.  It was also suggested that we would have our
quarterly meeting afterward.  

Dates, place, and times for summer play are:
July 18 -  Hillandale;  July 25 -  Hillandale; August 1 - to be announced later; and August 8 – Hillandale.

Alice Hughley stated that she wants to have two teams play at Brier’s Creek.  She did not have the date yet,
but will give the Putters as much notice as she could.

Benevolence Committee – Davesene Lawson reported the only benevolence sent out was to Gloria Burton
for the death of her brother.  She sent a card to Gloria with a check for $25 in keeping with our
Benevolence Guidelines for immediate family members.

By-Laws Committee – No report.

Membership Committee – Davesene Lawson reiterated that she will send out reminders for dues and
create membership cards for members.  She was questioned on who could be a member.  She reported that
any woman 18 years and older interested in playing golf could become a member of the Putters.  Sonia
wanted to find out why our new members are not continuing.  After much discussion, it was decided that
she would send a questionnaire to the membership regarding this and the lack of continued participation in
the group.  She will develop a questionnaire and get feedback from Alice Hughley, Davesene Lawson, and
Deborah Fortune.

Social Committee - No report.  The Committee was thanked for refreshments at today’s meeting.  The
members present recommended continued use of the Miller Morgan Building for meetings including the
December annual breakfast meeting.  Deborah Fortune will continue to reserve the room.

Davesene Lawson announced that the Triangle Putters’ website has been updated.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 A.M.

                                                                      Respectfully submitted,

                                                                      Bobbie Reddick, Secreta

Present:  Sonia P. Steele; Deborah Fortune; Naomi Kerr, Bettie Davis, Elizabeth Marshall, Davesene Lawson,
Olive Hopson; Alice Hughley; Doris Brinson; Leola Jenkins, and Elaine Kofa.

Meeting was called to order by President Sonia P. Steele.

Meditation was given by Alice Hughley.

Visitors Elizabeth Marshall and Elaine Kofa were welcomed and invited to join the group.

The minutes were read by Bettie Davis and approved by members as read.

Davesene Lawson, Treasurer submitted a written report.  The beginning balance as of 12/01/07 was
$717.30.  Dues collected at the 12/01/07 meeting were $210.00, Annual Breakfast Meeting payments
collected at the meeting totaled $98.00.  The total income was $308.00.  The Sub-Total Old Balance plus
income was $1025.30.  The only expense was $25.00 condolence to Gloria Burton.  The new balance as of
03/29/08 is $1000.30.  The Putters have not been billed for the Annual Breakfast by NC Mutual Life Insurance
Company.  President Sonia P. Steele will follow up on getting the bill.

Committee Reports:

Activities Committee –A written activities calendar for the year was submitted and reviewed.  Dates for
regular club play were discussed.  The group suggested Friday mornings around 8:00 a.m. starting on
05/02/08 (18 holes) and Thursday afternoons around 5:00 p.m. starting on 05/01/08 (9 holes).  Regular club
play will end on 08/06/08.

A ladies group for League Play is being formed by Fran at Hillandale Golf Center.  It is tentatively scheduled
for Wednesday afternoons around 5:00 p.m. (9 holes).  Deborah Fortune will forward the information to the
Triangle Putters by e-mail when she receives the information from Fran.

Some of the Activities or Tournaments highlighted were Chambers Invitational in Port St Lucie, FL  (06/05/08
– 06/08/08), John Avery Golf Tournament at The Preserve in Chapel Hill NC on 07/11/08, and the Briers Creek
Ladies Golf Assn Rally for the Cure Tournament in October 2008.  The annual club outing is scheduled for
09/26/08 at Lake Shore Golf Course on Lumley Rd.

Golf Clinics will be available at local golf courses.  Donna Lerner from The Preserve Golf Course will offer a
Ladies only class the 2nd & 4th Friday of each month starting 04/11/08 @ 6:15 p.m.; Bruce, the pro at
Occoneeche will offer clinics on some Fridays for ladies and children usually around 5:00 p.m.  Hillandale
will be offering individual and group lessons.

There were no reports from the Education, Social, and By Laws Committees.  However, Doris Brinson asked
if anyone else would like to be Chair of the By-Laws/Procedures Committee.  There were no volunteers.  
Deborah Fortune volunteered to assist with coffee at future meetings at NCCU.

Old Business:

T-shirts for club members was discussed.  Short sleeved, mauve colored shirts were agreed on.  The price
range is between $30.00 and $40.00.  Deborah Fortune is working on getting the shirts and hopes to have
them before the Chambers Tournament in June.

Meeting adjourned at 11:20 a.m.  The next quarterly meeting is scheduled for 06/28/08 at North Carolina
Central Univ. in the Miller-Morgan Bldg Room 149.

                                                                              Respectfully submitted,

                                                                              Betty Davis

Present:  Sonia Steele, Doris Brinson, Davesene Lawson, Sandra Shuler, Olive Hopson (new member), Rosa
Small, Tiffany Corbitt (new member), Betty Reed, Bettie Davis, and Elaine Hart-Brothers.

The meeting was called to order by the President, Sonia Steele.  Opening meditation was given by Olive
Hopson (new member and sister of Alice Hughley).
Ms. Hopson and Ms. Corbitt introduced themselves and gave a brief  bio.  Other members then introduced
The minutes were read by Betty Reed and approved by members as read.
Treasurer’s Report - A written report was given by the Treasurer, Davesene Lawson.  The beginning
balance was $978.19, Income from Dues $210.00, Expenses (Refreshments) $12.00, leaving a balance of

Committee Reports:

  • Activities Committee - Rosa Small distributed an Activities Calendar for the period June-December,
    2007.  The calendar was reviewed by members.  Play dates were presented with invitations to all to
    join in or change if needed.
 Some of the Activities or Tournaments highlighted were:
o        Triangle Putters Annual Golf Outing which will be held on Friday, 09/28/07 at Lake Winds Golf Course
in Rougemont, N. C.  The Tee time is 12:30 p.m.  The price is $15.00 each including cart fee.  Money for
Prizes will be taken from the treasury.  The outing will be for women only.

o        The Annual John Avery Boys & Girls Club Golf Fore Kids Tournament, July 13, 2007.  There may be
sponsors, but it was agreed that money from the Treasury could be used to supplement the team costs.  
Members interested in playing were Davesene Lawson, Rosa Small, Sandra Shuler, Doris Brinson, Acie
Ward, Betty Reed, Gloria Burton, Sonia P. Steele, and Elaine Hart-Brothers.

o        Elaine Hart-Brothers gave information on the Hart Invitational to be held in July, 2007, in the
Washington/MD area and the National Bankers Association Tournament which is coming to Durham.  
Mechanics and Farmers Bank and Mutual Savings and Loan are hosting the event.  The Tournament will be
held at the Washington Duke Course with a reception afterward.  

o        Information was also given about a golf group at Covenant Presbyterian Church.  Davesene will send
the lady members information on the Triangle Putters with an invitation for Membership.  

o        Flyers were distributed for other upcoming tournaments or activities.

o        Davesene Lawson shared her success in the Senior Games.  She won 2nd place in her age group and
qualified for the State Senior Games which will be held at Tanglewood Golf Course in Kernersville, N. C.  
She also participated in the Delta Tournament along with Bobbie Reddick, Sandra Shuler, and Sonia Steele.  
The team on which Davesene and Bobbie played one first place.

By-Laws Committee - Doris Brinson, Chair, passed out copies of the Bylaws for review.  No changes
were recommended.  Members were asked to review the Bylaws and bring any suggested changes to the
next meeting.

Benevolence Committee - Davesene Lawson, Chair, presented a card to Rosa Small as a token of
appreciation for all the work she does for the Triangle Putters. The card was signed by all members
present.  Information was given that Carolyn Johnson and Meredythe Holmes are members that may need

Membership Committee - There are 14 paid members with 3 members paying at the meeting for a total
of 17.  The list was read of members who have paid.  Letters will be sent to persons who may be interested
in joining and to members who are not currently active.

Education Committee - Sandra Shuler, Chair, presented information covering two areas – Playing
Bunkers and Speeding-up Play.  She passed out info on how to speed up play.

Social Committee - Refreshments were provided by Davesene Lawson.

Members shared their experiences and showed their trophies for recent tournaments.

Fullwood Tournament - Four members participated and carried three guests.  Everyone had a great time.
Delta Tournament – Bobbie Reddick and Davesene Lawson won 1st place in the Ladies Group.
Chambers Invitational Tournament for benefit of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund - Doris Brinson, Davesene
Lawson, and Sandra Shuler wore the shirts and caps that were given to them and showed the travel bags
that contained shirts, 2 sleeves of balls and other goodies.  They also showed their award trophies –
Davesene--3rd place in Ladies 1st flight (103),  Sandra --1st place in Ladies 2nd flight (106), and Doris
Brinson --2nd place in Ladies 3 flight (113).  Davesene  won the Closest to Pin contest and Sandra won
Straightest Drive.  Davesene was also presented with the Barbara Scott Preiskel Memorial Award for her
extraordinary contributions to the tournament.

Davesene reported that Danielle Caster had called about the Women’s Professional Golf Association
tournament.  It was agreed that we would not participate this year.

It was also suggested that we should lobby to the USGA and petition for a Senior Women’s Tee.  After
discussion, it was decided that focus should be that Seniors should be given a choice (with Senior’s Tee
added).  Davesene Lawson and E. Hart-Brothers will head up the committee.

Davesene Lawson reported that the Triangle Putter’s Website is up.  The Start Up cost was $29.87 and the
monthly fee will be $11.95.  Members took pictures with their trophies for posting on the website.

Several members met to play a round of golf at Hillandale Golf Course after the meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.

                                              Respectfully submitted by Bettie Davis
                                              Acting Recording Secretary
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