Triangle Putters, Doris, Sandra, Davesene, and Bobbie, along with two of our husbands, Ranaldo and Les, (also
winners in the tournament) were the representatives from Durham, N.C., at
The 2007 Julius Chambers Invitational Golf Tournament
Hosted by The PGA at The PGA Village in Port St. Lucie, Florida - June 7-10

Organized on December 11, 1993, by Dr. Davesene W. Lawson and a group of 13 other ladies, Triangle Putters is an
organization of golfing women in the Triangle area of North Carolina.  Initial officers were Davesene Lawson, President;
Gloria Burton, Vice-President; Edna Harrington, Recording Secretary; Wilma Franco, Corresponding Secretary; and
Leola Jenkins, Treasurer.  The group has continued to pursue the game of golf, to obtain golf lessons, to play
recreational golf, and to play in golf tournaments both individually and as teams.

Our Mission Statement:  Triangle Putters, an organization of Triangle women interested in playing the game of golf,
seeks to provide an avenue for its members to learn the game of golf, to improve their skills, and to network with other
women in the world of golf.  We seek to foster love and respect for each other and to respect, appreciate, and enjoy
the game of golf.  Through our observance of golf etiquette and adherence to the rules of golf, we hope to improve the
quality of play and respect for women on the golf course.

Membership:  Membership is open to any adult female (at least 18 years old) in the Triangle area of North Carolina.  
Interested persons residing in more distant areas may acquire associate membership upon approval of the
membership and payment of dues.

Current Officers – 2010-2011  (Contact an officer?  Click  on her name.)

Deborah Fortune - President
Naomi Kerr-Smith - Vice President
Bettie Davis - Recording Secretary
Olive Hopson - Assistant Recording Secretary
Rosa Small - Corresponding Secretary
Davesene Lawson - Treasurer and Historian

Meetings:  TP meets quarterly in March, June, September, and December with December serving as the Annual
Meeting when officers are elected.  Meetings are usually scheduled on the fourth Saturday of the meeting month.

Dues:  $30 per year payable at the Annual Meeting in December.

Doris Brinson
Bobbie Brown
Gloria Burton
Goldie Byrd
Sharon Cook
Tiffany Corbitt
Velma Cousins
Doreen Cunningham
Bettie Davis
Francine Davis
Deborah Fortune
Claudia Graham
Elaine Hart-Brothers
Meredythe Holmes
Olive Hopson
Alice Hughley
Leola Jenkins
Naomi Kerr-Smith
Davesene Lawson
Sherron Paris  
Bobbie Reddick
Betty Reed
Joli Robinson
Sandra Shuler
Rosa Small
Sonia Steele
Ostine Swan
Acie Ward

Official scheduled play will be posted in the early spring.  However, you are invited to contact
fellow members for impromptu play anytime conditions permit.

In addition to the scheduled play, we can all initiate additional play when our time permits.  Just
notify the members when you have time to play and find out who else has time to play with you.  
You can contact members and other golfers by clicking on their names to send e-mails.

Want to contact everyone with one e-mail?  Select the following group(s) of addresses, copy,
and paste them in the address portion of your email.

Current Members:,,,,,,,,,

Other Golfing Ladies:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  DTP,,,,,,,

Gwen Baber
Francine Blackwell
Cynthia Carter
Azzie Conley
Marcia Connor
Linda Crawford
Maria Davis Dorsey
Carol Fitzgerald
Joyce Hargrove
Lynn Henderson
Mary Jacobs
Bertha Johnson
Carol Johnson
Gwendolyn Jones, Richmond, VA
Julie King
Missouri Morris
Desiree Palmer
Marguarite Peebles
Yolanda Simms
Kathleen Stallings
Gwendolyn Suitt
Victoria Washington
Latoya Williams
Mildred Williams

To contact a member of Triangle Putters, just click on her name.
Other golfing ladies/former Triangle Putters who may be available to play
a round of golf.  To contact one of these golfers, just click on her name.
Spring-Summer, 2010

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